Wild Witches of Beaver Bay

  • Book 1:  Mysti and Starr

Wild Witches of Beaver Bay, Book 1
BIN: 009007-02914
August 2019
Changeling Press
95 Pages
Erotic, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Starr is a special man who has a gift he uses to save others from evil. Now, a family trait leads him on a journey to find the woman who is meant for him. When he finds her, will she be able to love and support a man who puts his life on the line to rid the world of true evil?

Mysti is drawn back to the family cabin which has been in the family base for more than a hundred years. The call is meant to bring her a mate; the man who will complete her, but how does she explain to him who she really is without scaring him away?

Will Starr and Mysti reveal who they are to each other and accept the love that is mean to be. Will Mysti accept the power Starr has, or will she turn her back on destiny?

Mysti and Starr are mean to be and the journey to find each other is a beautiful romance with chemistry the reader will yearn for. I like how the story-line is about a secret they each carry when what either realizes they are more alike than they think. The world of Wild Witches of Beaver Bay begins with a beautiful love story between two powerful people who were meant for each other. If you want a bit of magic in your love stories, then Mysti and Starr is perfect for you.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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