ISBN: None available
February 2010
Hearts on Fire Books
340 pages
Christian Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Steve Talbot considers himself a very good reporter and tries to be fair and balanced, especially after the last election when the media was found to be leaning farther to one side than the other. He soon found out that the death of his father began a series of events he could never dream he would be a part of.

Charles Edward Thomas is not who he portrays himself to be. Yet he has world leaders and their people eating out of his hands. Soon, he is a very powerful and rich man. He has put himself in a position to have world domination. He truly believes that he will defeat God and have man’s soul.

Many lives intertwine through this horrific time, although some may say it is wonderful and miraculous. It is where the weak must find a way to hang on; where the strong must be stronger and braver, where you must choose where you want to be — not in betweens, but heaven or hell.

I am in awe of Mr. Branch and the way he told this story. I loved the fact he put a disclaimer in the beginning alerting readers to be open minded. This is a story told by many Christians but always remains the same story no matter who tells it; the facts do not change. Mr. Branch has given the reader a version not only to entertain but to also give the chance to maybe look at your own life. Being a Christian myself, I do believe that this will happen; yet I rated the book not on that but the story itself, and it is worthy of your time to read. It just may change you.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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