ISBN# 0-9752868-5-4
May 2005
Vintage Romance Publishing
Price $14.95
Pages: 100

Traces of Love is a book filled with poems that will touch the heart and make you feel
good inside.  I think Michelle D. Ruopoli, in the introduction, expressed it well when she
writes: the wonders we cannot see, only feel; nor the magic we cannot explain but
discover; with the warmth we cannot locate, only capture; brings us the best gift of
all…love.  All the writers in this book who have penned loving and warm messages on
paper have done exactly that.  There is not a time in our life that we do not feel sadness,
pain, happiness or joy.  Traces of Love depicts all this.  Poetry has a way of calming the
soul and warming the heart.  The writers in this book have given us a variety of wonderful
poems to read.

Frederick Gachanja Njoroge’s “Serenity”:  When I read this poem, it touched my frosty
heart like velvet upon my face and I got goose bumps.  Barri Bryan’s “Touch Me” and
“The Cusp” gave me a warm feeling inside.  I loved “The Sweet and Gentle Spirit” by
Dan Boughton.  Thomas Lee Rhymes, “The Morning,” “Rain” and “All That Remains”
were breathtaking.  When I read “Jewelled Box” by Michelle D. Ruopoli, I could imagine
myself in that scene.  “My Writer” was my second favorite by her.  “For Lovers Only” by
Joylynn M. Jossel was splendid.  Ms. Jossel had more poems that lifted the heart.  
When I read the verse, “you should see her on the outside”, in “Beauty” by Steven
Manchester; my heart leaped.  “I Need You” and “No Comparison” also by Steven
Manchester, are just as fantastic.  Kelly A. Malone’s “Just Luscious” was immortal and
brought a smile to my face.  “What Have I” and “What of My Love” were priceless.

I loved this book so much, that I read it three times.  It is a valuable book that makes you
smile and brings a warm glow to your heart like a mother’s love.  This is a priceless
work of art that brought much joy to my heart. Vintage Romance Publishing has a winner
with all these great gifted writers and this is a must read.  

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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