Bones MC 

  • Book 1: Cain
  • Book 2: Bohannon
  • Book 3: Sword
  • Book 4: Viper
  • Book 5: Arkham
  • Book 6: Trucker
  • Book 7: Torpedo
  • Book 8: Data
  • Book 9: Stunner
  • Book 10:  Shadow

Bones MC, Book 7
BIN: 009295-03010
April 2020
Changeling Press LLC
107 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance, MC Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Torpedo received great pleasure in telling his friends to man up with their women, but he had no clue because when faced with his forever he was paralyzed in fear of hurting the innocent beauty. When he finds out someone is trying to destroy her for something out of her control, he is determined he will keep her safe and make her his; failure is not an option.

Ambrosia, a.k.a. Rose, is shocked when the big man answers the door with a gun, but it surely was not his biggest weapon since he was completely nude, and there was nothing for him to hide. When her past catches up to her once again, she makes plans to run, but then Torpedo shows up and for once she finds a man she would like to be with intimately.

When Torpedo opens the door to a sexy woman claiming to be his butler, there to do anything he needs, he did what any man would do; got excited- and since he was naked, it was difficult to hide. He knows from the moment he sees her, she is his, and he bought a suit to impress but finds she no longer works for the resort. When he realizes she is being haunted by her past he is determined to help her out because she is his. She is yet unaware of his claim, but she will be soon. Can he keep her safe and convince her to take a chance on a dirty old biker?

What is the saying; the bigger they are the harder they fall? It is a perfect description of Torpedo whose road name already provides plenty of jokes, but reading about the man torpedoed by a little woman was a great pleasure. I find this series entertaining and funny because the men like to think they are the big bad wolf but really will do anything their women want them to so long as there is no danger for their ladies. I find the writing of Ms. Karland fascinating and her characters so very unique. I enjoy reading about the world and people she sets in her stories; I always find one or two characters I cannot wait to read about. I was really waiting for Torpedo because he was sure to talk crap to other guys about not manning up and taking control so when Ambrosia leads him on a merry chase it gives his brothers a reason to laugh at his predicament. I highly recommend Torpedo’s story, especially if you are a woman like me who believes there is nothing wrong with insta-love and when it is right, it is just right, so why fight it? I warn you – once you read Torpedo and Ambrosia’s story, you will want to go back and read the stories for the rest of the Bones MC members.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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