APRIL 2008
ISBN #978-1-60037-395-4
Morgan James Publishing,
1225 Franklin Ave, Ste#325
Garden City, New York 11530
179 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Ms. Corrie Woods is a Professional Life Coach, Speaker and Women’s Retreat Leader. She has filled this book with thought provoking ideas on how to live an authentic life. Brilliant, Outrageous, Luminary Diva or BOLD for short; this stands for women who dare to be present in the moment every moment of their lives and Ms Woods gives you steps on achieving the life you want. She encourages you to step-out of your comfort zone and take a risk at what life has in store for those who dare to dream, to push the envelope and to finally find your true self.

Ms. Woods chronicles the possible reasons why we as women choose to stay in our respective ruts, doing the same ole, same ole. In addition, she gives suggestions on stepping beyond those boundaries that we often enslave ourselves with. Fear of the unknown often encourages a stuck mentality which fosters stagnation. She gives you tips on changing the way you look at your problems.

This author talks about expressing gratitude, the power of positive thinking and being true to yourself as you discover the real you behind the mask of expectation, the expectations that others expect you to live by. The standards by which you are expected to live up to no matter the cost to yourself. She encourages you to explore the infinite possibilities that await you outside of your box, to experience the infinite joy that is possible when you live a life with no regrets. She gives you precise questions at the end of each chapter that urges you to contemplate what thoughts are provoked by the chapter, hopefully fostering a new outlook.

Ms. Woods has written a thought provoking book that will have you reexamining your life and how to improve it. Her book is a breath of fresh air that has this reviewer thinking about the way I go about living my life. Many readers will question their own lives and hopefully adopt a new way to live life more authentically. The subject is timely and worth exploring as more women, work outside the home, in a “Man’s World”. I would recommend this book to all women who want a richer, fuller life.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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