ISBN# (10)0-446-58119-4 / (13) 978-0-446-58119-6
June 10, 2008
Grand Central Publishing/ Hachette Book Group, USA
237 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017
$25.99 US/$28.99 Canada
336 Pages
Nonfiction/Crime and Punishment
Rating: 4 Cups

American author, Douglas Preston, decided to move to Italy with his family. Having moved to a farmhouse near Florence, he soon learned of a series of gruesome murders that occurred nearby. Murders along a sort of lover’s lane
that happened while couples were being intimate. Fascinated by the killings, he joins up with Mario Spezi to try to solve the murders and bring the killer to justice.

Mario Spezi, an Italian journalist, has teamed up with Douglas Preston to try and uncover who The Monster of Florence is. As he writes about the murders, he finds himself and Douglas under a microscope by the authorities.

As Mario and Douglas become more fascinated with this case and begin to dig deeper, they find that there is corruption and incompetence among the Italian officials and the public, with the press wanting to put a sensationalistic spin on things. Will the true identity of the killer, or killers, ever be known?

This story is not for the faint of heart. The descriptions of the murders are graphic, yet brief. It is a very disturbing case for everyone involved. One cannot help but be affected by what they read here. To think that such horrific things can and will take place in the world we live in is just sad. I can only say that I am glad I was neither of these men. I suggest you use your own judgment on this book. I truly cannot recommend or even discourage reading this book.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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