ISBN#: 9781936950218
May 2011
Summerhouse Publishing
51 Pages
Steampunk Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Emma is known as the Madame of Gravestone. She exists in a different universe where the civil war was a draw and another nation was developed in the west, Westland. Fighting against the tyrannical king, the Madame flies on an island supported by zeppelins and travels from location to location trying to help people. When a strange man falls onto her island, they develop a plan to stop the king, and start a love affair.

Tripp was photographing the Steampunk Ball when he met a man claiming to have found another dimensional country. When a picture flash sends Tripp into Westland, he meets Emma. When she is captured by the king, he decides to rescue the sexy Madame.

From modern times to a new history, the two are working to help Westland free itself from the tyrannical king. Will the two lovers and their friends be able to use modern and historical means to save the day?

The Madame of Gravestone has a wonderful premise with good character development. I liked how Emma and Tripp interacted at the beginning of the book, but felt the emotional jump to love was unexplained. There is however no doubt that they were hot sexually. The hidden plot twist was good and pulls the whole story together. The dialogue was good, and the settings were shown well. The steampunk aspect was excellently done! After all the good things about the book, from the inventions, the cool idea of another North America, to the great sex, the book was very fun, and I had a great time reading it.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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