ISBN: 9781885865984
September 2010
Circlet Press
170 Pages
Steampunk Erotica with BDSM themes
Rating: 3 Cups

The Innocent’s Progress

The years are catching up with Ricar, but the Commedia is in his blood, and he cannot imagine doing anything else.

Despite being larger than most other girls, Miss Alwyx dreams of one day playing the Innocent.

With auditions coming to a close, Ricar gets to meet Miss Alwyx for the first time. Her talent outshines her looks, and he desperately needs that talent. However Miss Alwyx has her heart set, and a time will come when Ricar must make a painful decision on her behalf.

This story can be tender and touching, but an underlying sadness pervades these characters, and really makes your heart go out to them.

The Pretty Horsebreaker

Never one to hold back or stay in the shadows Miss Ccri lives her life full-speed ahead, sometimes finding herself in some very sticky situations.

Her husband’s death left Missus Braen with a very complicated problem, and she can think of only one way to solve it.

Taking on a job like this is not Miss Ccri’s usual, but given the circumstances, she cannot deny the appeal. She will do whatever it takes to retrieve the manuscript Missus Braen has had stolen, but the payment for services rendered is not at all what she expects.

Miss Ccri is a spitfire that you cannot help but admire. She takes life by the horns, inside and out of the bedroom.

Delicate Work

Workers of the Honeycomb rarely ever get to see the skyline, but Tangwen has something the other girls do not.

When she thought Tangwen was going to leave, Betrys made the decision to become a trustee, and it changed everything for both of them.

Her cleverness and ingenuity is a double-edged sword, making it very hard for Tangwen to ignore the pull she feels to be free of the Honeycomb. Her days of working the assembly line must come to an end one way or another.

This girl has true grit with the smarts to back it up, and her story is one of hope and survival.

The Slave

Spending days researching and studying the statue “The Slave” has Gwendolyn feeling completely enamored yet very out of sorts and at a loss as to how to remedy the situation.

He watches her come to the exhibit day after day, but this time Mister Conway notices a change.

Gwendolyn has been aware of Mister Conway from the first day she came to see the statue, and her burgeoning womanhood is getting harder to ignore. She has never been on her own before, but this time there is no one around to stop her from exploring certain feelings.

An innocent young lady takes a huge risk in exploring her womanhood, but you cannot ignore the scintillating feelings her journey imparts.

The Impurity

The toxic tasting formula has given Edward Hyde a new lease on life, if he can keep Dr. Henry Jekyll from spoiling all of his fun.

Her duties as a maid never prepared Mary for what she experiences with Dr. Jekyll, but to say she is not excited would be a lie.

Hyde likes his Mary to feel the fear and uncertainty he heaps upon her, but she is getting much too good at the game, and unfortunately for her, he is getting quite bored. Mr. Hydes’ behavior is becoming increasingly hard for Dr. Jekyll to ignore, especially when it involves Mary. But when he tries to take back control, no one surprises him more than his trusty assistant.

This snippet of a famous horror story is wonderfully reworked to add just a bit of naughty spice, which in my opinion makes it a much more delectable read.

The Spirit of the Future

Not many boys, or girls for that matter, have been as lucky as Dafydd. His adoption to the house of Hough gave him opportunities far beyond his station.

Leaving her home and making it on her own has never been easy for Gita Vadodara, but she has found a place within the Commedia community.

His Lordship is slowly dying, and Dafydd will be sad to see him go, but he is ready to take over his employer’s reigns. His private life however is still very much lacking, until he meets a woman to whom he feels an undeniable connection, and she is like no one he has ever encountered.

This is a very touching and lovely story, and the respect Dafydd shows towards Gita makes it my favorite over all.

If you have never read a steampunk story this will be a tantalizing foray into that genre. The erotic and BDSM aspects are quite light and never really explicit or too overpowering in any of the storylines, but there are m/f, f/f, and m/m scenarios on several occasions. I found it intriguing how many of the characters transition from one story to another and tie it all together quite nicely. It would be my preference, however, to fully explore one couple inside and out, and really get into their heads and their hearts.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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