ISBN #9781419658761
December 29 2006
Booksurge Direct
81 Pages
Sexual Self Help
Rating: 2 cups

Michael Schuessler is an author, photographer, painter and student of the Kabbalah. His belief is that all beauty is the reflection of the One-Self which is mirrored in his artworks and writing.

Is the mysterious G-Spot a thing of myth? According to this author the answer is no. The Holy G-rail is a short guide on how to find a woman’s G-spot and give her pleasure every time if desired. The book is directed at males to educate them on the woman’s body including tips for improving how they treat (not just lovemaking) their loved ones. It also has the occasional suggestion for females on how to encourage their partners. Mr. Schuessler also covers spirituality in the act of making love and how it will increase your enjoyment and ability to last longer. He describes how communication, patience and self love are extremely important in the process. Michael has detailed written instructions on how to find the G-spot with diagrams that are helpful in clarifying what needs to be done.

The Holy G-rail has a new approach to finding an answer to the age old problem of satisfying your woman and has some interesting information. For those that are looking to link the spiritual with lovemaking Mr. Schuessler’s information is a good place to start. Unfortunately much of the information is repetitious. Even though his writing didn’t flow smoothly it triggered my curiosity and no doubt at some time I will have to check out his theory.

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