ISBN# 978-0-7679-2857-1
October 2007
Broadway Books (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
224 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dating is something that someone is either good at or fails miserably at. There are many times a person will end up dating one wrong guy after another, always hoping within that one date, the guy will miraculously be the one to make every dream come alive. In the process of learning some simple steps, the road to romance is only a page away. Just like people train dogs to learn the technique of being calm and assertive, competing for the perfect date includes almost the same process.

For a long time, Cindy Lu knew she did not do well when it came to finding love. The actress, and author, tried everything but every guy who entered the picture was not the right one. Tired of being with Mr. Wrong, she put her brain in overtime and perfected simple math skills to create a romantic existence that could be blissful every day. After careful planning, she composed The Four Man Plan, a reliable recipe for discovering Mr. Right instead of Mr. Wrong. With a combination of math and individual performance, today’s woman can easily be dating up to four wonderful men on any occasion.

Anyone who picks up this book will no doubt wonder how they can pick up four men when they have trouble getting one. The book really is not that hard to understand. First off, a plan should not be one of desperation, but instead an expression of confidence and optimism. By following a formula and going that extra mile to get it right, today’s woman could find the right guy to rub her feet and even grill her meat every night while living always in an everlasting romance of love. With a planner credo, with eleven great steps getting one started, today’s woman can immediately jump into action.

The Four Man Plan has interesting concepts in finding the one right man. Cindy Lu crafts an eye-opening book, even going as far as using herself, and some of her girlfriends as guinea pigs, to test the solutions and make sure they work. I found her techniques interesting, and especially loved the graphs that were drawn throughout the pages. I also like the exercise sheets and the rules were a big help. For anyone tired of finding only the wrong guys, this is one step-by-step book I recommend. Ms. Lu has done her research and cleverly fashioned a book that helps today’s woman find her match.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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