ISBN# 9781619500983
August 2012
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
55 Pages
Children’s Fantasy/Time Travel
Rating: 4 cups

Summer is almost over and school is going to start soon in Columbia Falls, Maine. Like all children, Jeffery, James, Jack and Francesca are wondering what is in store for them in the upcoming year. But no one expects they will embark on a mysterious adventure, starting with the new student with the white shock of hair.

Tobias Franklin seems very out of place in town, with his strange accent, odd clothes and blinding white hair. But when he is bullied by another student, Jeffery, James, Jack and Francesca decide to stick by him to keep him safe. Then they learn that Tobias (or Toby) has lost his dad in the civil war and that he thinks it is the year 1865.

The children are shocked to hear this. Even more when they hear the old legends about the fog that rolls in from the ocean and the ghost train that appears and takes its passengers on a ride though time. But they are determined to be good friends to Toby while he is in town and attempt to find a way to get him back to the time period he belongs to.

This is a lovely book for young readers and deals with important issues such as bullying and the meaning of true friendship. I enjoy the mystery of the ghost train and the fog, and how the children accept and support one another though good and difficult times. A recommended read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More


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