ISBN#: 9781402250804
Sourcebooks Casablanca
270 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Having received her education at some of the best schools, Mari Ruti takes the world of self-help books and tells the reader where they steer them wrong.

Ms. Ruti tears down the belief of Mars versus Venus and opens women’s eyes to the world that exists. Men and women share the same feelings of inadequacy and disappointment. While there are exceptions to every rule, for the most part, men and women are both from planet Earth.

The molds that society, family and friends try to fit us into have been wrong. While men certainly want to feel needed, loved and desired, women do not need to play games to get/keep a man around. Using pop culture to make her point, Ms. Ruti shows the reader where the things we are told as women steer us into relationships that are often unhealthy and unproductive. She encourages women to really look at themselves and their goals before stepping out into the world to find Mr. Perfect.

Having been married for almost eighteen years, there are a few things I learned that I can apply to my marriage. If you are still looking for the perfect partner (for you), then this book will open your eyes to the reality that you face. Ms. Ruti dispels the qualities we are force-fed from young ages and shows the reader that what you know and what you have been told is the truth are often vastly different things. The use of pop culture references made the book very easy to absorb. Her comparisons of what men actually want versus what women think men want were funny to read. The author gets into the minds of both genders and pulls out the important bits that the reader needs to know.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More


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