December 27, 2022
Vinspire Publishing
260 Pages
Christian Romance/Amish
Rating: 3 Cups

Lindsay is a tormented woman and my empathy was with her, as from the beginning of the story she even made me cry for her. The protagonist has a depth and a maturity which is displayed throughout the story and it made me sympathize with her in many ways, for all her misfortunes.

Katie was a woman who preferred to be a terrible person instead of an understanding kind soul, and I disliked her for most of the story. This character was shallow, one track minded, and utterly dislikable for the most part.

The story itself had beautiful messages about life and relationships of people, misfortune, and pain – yet it slowly brought another aspect of life at the front, which was hope.

Love builds slowly in this book, and usually I do not read stories like this but I wanted to test the waters and I find I was not disappointed. It might have been a slow trip, but it had valuable discoveries as the story progressed. Naturally it did not disappoint giving me what I craved the most, which is a happily-ever-after. It was an interesting read.

Christine Baely
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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