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  Stories featuring RJ and Pad Book 1: Ask and I’ll Tell
Book 2: Splendidly Ever After

Sequel to Ask and I’ll Tell
ISBN: 9781634860437
February 21, 2016
JMS Books, LLC
112 Pages
Gay, Erotic, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Given this second chance, R.J. Davis will do everything in his power not to screw it up. The love of his life is about to become his husband, forever and for always.

With everything to get done for their wedding, Padrick Mclaughlin feels like he is going in ten different directions. He just wants the day to be perfect for the man he loves.

Eloping would be so much easier, but RJ knows how much it means to Pad to have a church wedding with their friends and family in attendance. He loves Pad so much it breaks his heart to think of the hurt he caused the first time they tried this. With therapy and Pad’s love, RJ has made his way through the darkness of his depression.Their wedding day will be perfect, simply because Pad is perfect for him.

Weathering depression, a break-up, and very little time spent together, Pad and RJ are making it happen. The past is there, but they refuse to let it rule their future. They complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses like all couples should. Their honesty and faith in each other is obvious, and it makes their story a wonderful read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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