The Gifting

  • Book 1:  Soul Forged

The Gifting: Book 1
ISBN: 9781957228044
Champagne Book Group
December 27, 2021
eBook / Paperback
Sci-Fiction Romance
228 Pages
Rating:  Five Cups

Enyl is a fantastic male character of strength and courage. He is a man who is fearless and determined and duty bound. He is also very attractive and very desirable within the story.

Oriana is a strong woman with great courage and positive outlook in life. She is a determined girl who makes her life work even under the worse of pressure, she is a woman determined to survive and that makes her remarkable as a heroin.

I enjoyed reading Oriana and ERYNS story as they grow close together and build their relationship. Their love seems strong to get them through all the difficulties they face together. And also I enjoyed the friendships which build within the story. Even though I must say I did get confused at one point of who Oriana would fall in love with, but it soon was cleared out as the story progressed. It was very pleasant to read.

The story is very interesting and capturing the reader making you wonder as you go on reading when the two characters will meet. The build up of the story is great and exciting , it made me look forward for the relationship of the two characters to collide and have their relationship progress. This book had great sexual scenes and it was a joy to read.

Christin Baely
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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