Blood of Legends

  • Book 1:  The Huntress

The Blood of Legends, Book 1
ISBN: 9871771552851
August 2020
Champagne Book Group
281 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 cups

Callie Devereaux is a police detective. All she cares about is her work, her sister, and her partner/father figure Mike.

Gabriel DeWinter is a centuries old vampire who just wants to be left alone. He is strong enough to be king of his Hold, but leaves that responsibility to his younger brother.

Callie crashes an exclusive party to find evidence of corruption in government and stumbles onto something much bigger. She ends up in possession of a canister that is very important to the DeWinter vampire hold and comes to the attention of Gabriel DeWinter. Her life will never be the same.

The author has created a unique and slightly dark world peopled with humans, vampires, and shifters, all of whom are at odds with each other. Her descriptions are very detailed and I had no problem visualizing the characters and the settings. The plot is fascinating as are the characters.  The story is very involved and had all of my attention until the very end.  Hopefully the next installment of this series will be available very soon.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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