Blood Moon MC

Blood Moon MC, Book 1
BIN/ASIN: 00873402823/B07NWWHHP2
March 2019
Changeling Press
52 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Scorpio lives his life free and with willing women who come and go – until now. One of the willing women he thought was named Brandy drops off a little girl that calls him daddy. While he rushes out to find his baby’s mamma, the club calls in the only woman they would trust with a child.

Single mother Rami has stayed away from her dad’s club and in doing so sacrificed the relationship with her twin brother. When the club calls about a baby, Rami is unable to turn away an innocent child whose mother did not even bother to name. When Scorpio comes over to get his little girl, it is apparent he is clueless on what a baby needs and is confused as to whether he is good enough to keep her.

Scorpio is not prepared for two ladies to change his whole world. He goes to pick up the daughter he has no clue how to care for and comes face to face with the woman who would steal his heart and give him and his baby girl a home. When danger enters their world, will Scorpio leave to keep everyone safe, or will Rami run to keep her young son safe?

Scorpio is a beautiful biker story which revolves more around the main characters than the club. I enjoyed following the romance between Rami and Scorpio. The writing is engaging and keeps the reader’s attention through every page. A romantic break from the stresses of life.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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