Dixie Reaper MC

  • Book 1: Venom
  • Book 2: Torch
  • Book 3: Rocky
  • Book 4: Bull
  • Book 5: Preacher
  • Book 6: Tex
  • Book 7: Zipper
  • Book 8: Wraith
  • Book 9: Tank
  • Book 10: Encounters Vol. 1
  • Book 11: Flicker
  • Book 12: Saint
  • Book 13: Wire
  • Book 14: Sarge
  • Book 15: Thunder
  • Book 16: Savior
  • Book 17: Grimm

Dixie Reapers MC Duets

  • Book 1: Venom/Torch

Dixie Reapers MC Duet, Book 2
BIN: 008935-02890
June 2019
Changeling Press LLC
230 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Rocky (Dixie Reapers, Book 3)

Mara is on the run from a step-brother who does not understand the meaning of new and she is willing to die to get away. When she crashed down the mountain she figured death was worth the price for freedom until she sees her guardian angel, Rocky.

Rocky spends his life running from a past he can never let go until his past comes crashing down on his mountain. Fate has a say in everything and it decrees that is time that Rocky remembers how to fight back. If he backs down even an inch he will lose the most important person in his life, Mara. He will not fail again.

Rocky is surviving the past he can never outrun, and Mara is running from a life she would die to leave behind. Can these two seemingly strangers running in different directions find a path together or will fate once again and change the course of their lives?

Bull (Dixie Reapers, Book 4)

Darian Crosse has always been on her own and no one has ever cared what happened to her. When her boyfriend takes her on a trip she has no idea the danger that awaits her. She is running for her life and ends up at the a gate which leads to her savior, Bull who appears like a Viking warrior but is so much more.

Michael, a.k.a Bull, is a member of the Dixie Reaper MC who tired of the loose women an life of partying he wants something or someone real. When he pulls up to the gate to the clubhouse he finds a woman flight on her back who seems to require some assistance and she came to the right place. Dixie Reapers MC do not stand for abuse of women and children and when Bull discovers who sent her running he is determined to save her even if he cannot keep the beautiful woman.

Bull is determined to help Darian and make those who intended her harm pay for threatening the woman he has come to think of as his. Just when Bull and Darian find a life together the Devil’s Boneyard MC shows up and has another claim on Darian. Will Bull be willing to put it all on the line with his brothers at his back or will he be forced to give up the one woman he has ever loved?
Rocky and Bull or both shining examples of a talent for weaving the stories together and not only brining the primary characters to life but also makes the reader fall in love with all of the characters. The world of the Dixie Reapers MC and Devils Boneyard MC come to life in living technicolor and entices the reader back just to see what happens next. When you enter their world leave behind any preconceived notions of an MC because Harley Wylde provides a unique slant on the MC life and the men who live it. I highly recommend the writing of Harley Wylde but beware you will find yourself looking for the other members stories because once you start there is no turning back.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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