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Copyright 2004
Selena Robins
$5.00 Autographed – Paper
$2.50 PDF
47 Pages
Children’s Novella

Angel-in-Training, Pippy, is just trying to earn her wings and graduate junior high, but
there is one problem.  She keeps messing up.  Although she means well, things just do
not turn out the way she had planned.

Pippy has to convince the Divine Counselor, Lucy that she is ready to go on to high
school.  After much begging and pleading, Lucy decides to give her one more chance to
redeem herself.  Pippy can have one wish. She can wish for anything she wants, but it
will only last for twenty four hours.  Her assignment is to pass the wisdom of her wish on
to another, but when she makes her wish without giving it much thought, it appears she
has sabotaged herself again. Or has she?

Pippy is a quirky heroine that children will identify with.  She is different, but that is all
right.  She faces her problems head on, chin up and never gives up.  The story will have
readers reflecting on their own choices and motives, and feeling good about what
makes them unique.  Pippy’s Wish is a wonderful, inspirational read for all ages.

Dee Gentle
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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