Devil’s Fury MC

  • Book 1: Dingo
  • Book 2: Outlaw
  • Book 3: Dragon
  • Book 4: Dagger
  • Book 5: Steel
  • Book 6: Demon
  • Book 7: Slash
  • Book 8: Grizzly
  • Book 9: Wolf
  • Book 10: Savage
  • Book 11: Doolittle

Devil’s Fury MC, Book 2
February 2020
Changeling Press LLC
135 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Club
Rating: 5 Cups

Outlaw has lost so much protecting the women in his world and paying a price for doing it. In his mind, as long as the women are safe, the price he paid was well worth it despite the pain he lives with every day. When he sees the beauty walk in the clubhouse sit down, open a book, and spend all her time reading, he knows she is something special.

Elena has escaped a fate she thought would be worse than death, but little did she know she could have never understood how much danger she was really in. When she drinks her first beer, she is surprised by how much it affects her but what she does not know is someone has a nefarious plan and she is to be the victim. The knight in tarnished armor who saves her is the first man to make her want to kiss him and do so much more. When she finds out his past, she knows he is not only her hero but a man of honor who will do anything to save the life of another.

Outlaw discovers the man Elena was supposed to marry is a monster of the worst kind and his plains for Elena would have left her wishing for death. Now that she is his, he will make sure not only to keep her safe, but eliminate the threat to their happiness. Elena is in a whole new world and all she can do is hold on to her Outlaw and trust him and Devils Fury to keep her safe. Will her knight and his Devil’s Fury brother be enough, or will her and Outlaw end before they ever begin?

I love Outlaw. The man is a true hero and sacrificed so much to save another. His story is outstanding and Ms. Wylde superbly told his story in a way the reader falls in love with the man. The writing of Ms. Wylde is like crack because all the reader can do is read the books over and over waiting for the next book in the series. I love how she has built a whole world by connecting all the series and intertwining each book through all the clubs. If you are looking for a walk on the wild side with hunky heroes and the strong women who claim them, then come along for the ride of your life with Outlaw and the Devil Fury family. I highly recommend the writing of Ms. Wylde as she has the gift of creating worlds for a reader to get lost in, and anyone who is a fan of the MC genre – this is one of the best series out there.

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