ISBN# 9781624202308
April 2016
Rogue Phoenix Press
247 Pages
Horror, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror
Rating: 2 Cups

Hanna started her life living in the sun, but soon found herself hiding in the shadows. She lived the perfect life but her downfall began with the plague and only continued to get darker as time passed.

The succubus is a demon who preys on others to survive. Believing her life cursed and love out of the question, she lives her life for survival. Over the centuries friends have come and gone, some were good and others were not, but there was one she missed the most.

Can a demon and the knight of God find a way to each other or will both be doomed to an eternity apart?

I really found reading the story difficult as the passage of time is jerky with no closure from the past time into the present.  It was difficult to remain in the story while wondering what happened to Hanna during the game in time left unrevealed. The characters were confusing at best because the main character cared more for the one who betrayed than the one who proved to be faithful and true. The turn around in personality for one character is unbelievable, and the acceptance with little explanation made was difficult to swallow.  All together I believe the plot was an interesting one but it was handled carelessly with little thought to the reader being unable to form a clear picture of the story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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