ISBN: 978-1-910899-96-0
September 2016
Luminosity Publishing, LLC
89 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Master Luke

At Red, Master Luke can find any number of young, willing, experienced subs. Tonight, however, he has his sights set on a very obvious newbie.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and Brian is equally thrilled and terrified knowing this is the night his life will change forever.

The freshness and blushing glow that exudes from Brian is an aphrodisiac Master Luke cannot resist. He wants to give Brian a night he will never forget, but it may be him that is changed for good.

Brian’s confidence that he knows what he wants and has the guts to go for it is what makes this story so sizzling hot. The connection Master Luke feels for him is instant, and I love the way he wants to make Brian’s first night as perfect as possible.

Master Tony

With nervous excitement, Nathan is more than ready to meet his online lover, and tonight is the night.

It is not always easy finding someone who just gets you, but Master Tony feels like this might be the one.

The club is full of beautiful men, so if his online Master D is a no-show Nathan still plans on making the most of his night. With an introduction by the club’s owner Nathan no longer has to guess. Their night is everything they could hope for, but at the end of the week will Nathan have only memories to keep him warm at night?

Meeting someone online then getting the opportunity to do so in person would be as scary as it is thrilling. Nathan and Master Tony have laid the groundwork, and it is incredible to see the results.


Being humiliated and degraded is a crazy turn on for Ryan.

Brandon has a special surprise for his lover. The course of their relationship is to the point now where Brandon can introduce Ryan to what he really needs in a lover.

Brandon knows how to make his lover fly high, but something else is happening now, and he is not so sure about where it will leave them as a couple. It is apparent Master Ranulf is someone Brandon knows very well, and very intimately, and has for a very long time.

Most couples would scoff at Ryan and Brandon’s relationship, but it definitely works for them. The twist at the end is a bit of a surprise, but the story itself is wonderfully erotic.

Men at the height of their sexual power are something to behold, and these men practically ooze testosterone. The stories here cut right to heart of M/M BDSM. There is no messing around without intent. I love that there is little else to do but revel in the pure sexual heat of these delicious subs and their incredibly talented Masters.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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