BIN: 010522-03419
October 2022
Changeling Press LLC
243 Pages
Erotic, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy
Rating: 5 Cups

Born on the 4th of July

Laura has spent five years working for Jake. She is so attracted to the man, but it is time to clean up his act.

Jake has hidden his desire for Laura for five years. When he sees the desire in Laura’s eyes, he knows it is time.

When Laura runs into Jake, he is unable to let her go. The fireworks between them burns hotter and brighter than 4th of July, but will they continue to burn long after the bright lights fade?

Chocolate Covered Cheri

Jedediah Blackheart owns his own company and lives the good life. However, there is one thing he wants above all others, and that is Cheri, and he has a plan.

Cheri Dodson works for an impossible man, who is one of the sexiest alive. When he digs up on of her childhood fears, she swears he does it on purpose.

Cheri could never imagine Jedediah’s plan would include a pool of chocolate and forever.  Can Jedediah prove he is a changed man or will Cheri run from the pain of loving Jedediah may cause?

The Witching Hour

Hazel is a witch, but she is not a very good one. She has never been trained and her spells often go wrong. When the sexy Drake, who lives in her apartment building, steps into her life, she finds herself wanting more.

Drake looks out for Hazel at first because the local coven asked, but over time it became more. He never believed she was a witch until she casts a spell and reveals his true nature.

Just when Drake discovers he is the familiar to Hazel; there is one who wants to take her way. Can Drake Convince Hazel they are meant for each other, or will they lose the possibility of who they could be together?


Seth Snow is one of the founding members of SnowFyer and since becoming a rockstar he is able to get any woman he wants. The problem is there is only one woman he wants and she is off limits as the sister of his best friend. He believes he is handling his feelings very well until she steps on to the stage and shows him who she really is.

Scarlet Fyer has desired Seth since she was a teenager, but always knew he was way out of her league – until she steps out on the stage and realizes he has feelings for her but will never give her a chance on or off the stage.

The SnowFyer band is in jeopardy, as one of the founding members is unable to perform due to a medical issue, but the bank is prepped to perform at charity functions and does not want to let anyone down. Seth is shocked when Scarlet’s brother and his best friend say Scarlet would be the perfect fit to perform while he is recovering. When Scarlet’s hidden talents come out, the band members are excited – except for Seth. Will Seth admit his feelings for Scarlet, or will he lose her to the future her amazing talent offers?

Opposites Attract

Steven is tired of the home invading cat who somehow gets in his house time and time again. He is a werewolf who has no need for a pet cat, but he allows it to curl up on his lap every night. Then there is his neighbor who draws him in like no other – even if he can never quite get her scent under the atrocious perfume she wears.

Felina is unable to help her need to be near Steven because she knows cats and dogs do not get along and someday she will be a familiar to a witch. However, if fate were on her side she would spend the rest of her life curled up with Steven every night.

What Steven and Felina do not know is the local coven has determined that they be together and are not above meddling with fate to make it happen. Will Steven and Felina be able to let go of their preconceived notions, or will they lose each other forever?

Who could pass up a chocolate covered hunk, a rockstar, or a little bit of toil and trouble? The stories in this anthology are all very diverse but somehow come together to provide a variety of love stories for the reader to enjoy. Each of the stories showcases the talent of Ms. Karland and the diversity of her writing. Each story is amazing, and I fully enjoyed each one and was sorry to see them end. I never pass up the chance to read anything by Ms. Karland and I warn if you start reading Mount Bell you will be hooked on her writing for life.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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