Curvy Women Wanted, Book 25
ISBN: 9780369502889
January 2021
Evernight Publishing
55 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Leah has spent 3 years being bullied by Blake and now he passes her a note asking her out on a date. She tells him no, but what happens when he is determined and shows up everywhere she is at, and will not give up? She is waiting for him to humiliate her as he has always done in the past.

Blake has loved Leah for 3 years and was too afraid to tell her so he bullied her so none of the other guys in their school would date her either. The only problem is he did too good of a job because now that he has the guts ask her out, she says no and does everything she can to get away from him. He is never going to give up; he will follow her forever.

Blake realizes he made a mistake by bullying the girl he loves because now she does not want to date anyone including him. She is looking for a way out of town and leave him and the memories behind. Blake takes one last chance and gambles for it all, but will Leah believe he is changed, or will he forever be her bully?

I love this story because it shows young love which can longer be denied. The characters are perfectly crafted to draw the reader in and root for their happily ever after. A sweet love story full of first love angst and uncertainty. The writing of Ms. Crescent is superb and offers readers a lifetime of what ifs and possibilities for the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Leah and Blake and recommend it for the romantic at heart who wants to experience never giving up.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More







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