Curvy Women Wanted

Book 1: Something Sweet
Book 2: It Started With a Contract
Book 3: Some Sugar
Book 4: The Nanny
Book 5: His Curvy Woman
Book 6: The Biker’s Desire
Book 7: His Personal Stripper
Book 8: Her Bodyguard
Book 9: Bought Bride
Book 10: Convict
Book 11: Woman of His Dreams
Book 12: Rock Hard
Book 13: Sweethearts
Book 14: Crave Her Curves
Book 16: Using the Biker

Curvy Women Wanted, Book 15
ISBN: 9761773399720
June 2019
Evernight Publishing
62 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Petal has spent her whole life knowing the truth; her dad Is not a good man but he is her father and she loves him. She has remained innocent all 21 years of her life but now she is being sold to Marco, a capo for the mafia, and she could not be happier.

Marco is a killer and the one thing he wants is the curvy goddess, Petal. When he sees his opportunity he takes it and now Petal is his. What do you do when your whole world is wrapped in one woman well you protect her and show her who she belongs to.

Petal is unsure if this is a momentary affection or if Marco wants her for more than her virginity. Marco has never trusted or let anyone into his life until Petal. What else can the capo and the virgin do but find a love like not other but will his world allow him to keep an innocent?

Sam Crescent is an outstanding writer no matter the subject she tackles. I love the Curvy Women Wanted series as they are a reprieve from life even for those with an alpha in their life. I fall into each one of her stories and always come out satisfied. Marco is a different kind of capo since he has a heart and Petal is a strong woman because she knows who her man is and accepts him flaws and all. I like a character who knows what she wants and makes her man believe it was all his idea. I highly recommend the writing of Sam Crescent and her Curvy Women Wanted series because every character is unique, and every romance finds its own way to forever. Give The Mafia’s Curvy Woman with Marco and Petal a try because these two find a forever no one expects.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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