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ISBN: 978-1-68295-095-1
March 2016
Siren Bookstrand
167 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Addiction is something therapist Layla Porter is well acquainted with. Heroin was her drug of choice and sex the perfect chaser. Thankfully she found the help she needed, which is why she is so excited to give back.

The cocaine possession and flat-lining in the hospital was a wake-up call for Derek Maxwell, although he is still pissed about being forced into rehab.

The Ranch is an elite facility for the rich and famous, and they do not come any more famous than rocker Derek Maxwell. Layla is just glad he is not her patient, because her attraction for him would be even more unethical. Derek’s desire to be with Layla is unlike anything he has ever felt for another woman, but he cannot figure her out. With her accusations and his fear of pushing her too far, Derek is ready to break ties, even though it will break his heart.

A volatile relationship of this magnitude can go two ways. It will either crash and burn or be a passionate love affair for the ages. Derek and Layla definitely fire up the pages every time they come in contact, but there is often a feeling of fragility. I love the edginess this gives to their story, and it makes me want to read more and more!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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