Shifters in Plaid

Shifters in Plaid, Book 1
BIN: 009601-03112
November 2020
Changeling Press LLC
81 Pages
Erotic, Paranormal. Werewolf. Romance
Rating: 5 Cups


Ranald’s Mate

Ranald is unhappy when his father declares the selection of a mate for him. When he meets her, he believes she is weak and unworthy of his time. He proceeds to live a life of debauchery before he is forced to claim his mate.

Blair understood a mate would be chosen for her, but when she meets Ranald, she finds she is not who he would have chosen. She decides she must prepare to be the best mate she can be in and out of the bedroom, so when the time came, she would be enough for the alpha.

When the time finally came, Ranald resigned himself to doing his duty. When his mate walks in and tells him what she thinks of him, he and his wolf come to attention. Blair knows she will have to be strong and stake her claim as alpha female, but when she finds she is attracted to Ranald, she is unprepared for the strong desire. Can these two find their way past years of resentment and make it together? Will the she-wolves of his pack challenge her for the position?

Highland Shifter’s Baby

Camden is in a difficult place as he finds he is attracted to his step-sister, which is forbidden. He dreams of claiming her night after night, but knows it will never happen.

Lily knows she can never be with Camden even though there was one night she will never forget. She decides to remain in the shadows and never tell a soul the secret she harbors.

When Cam discovers the truth, can his dreams really be his reality? He sees no way, but knows he can never walk away from Lily.

I absolutely love both of these stories.  The characters are superbly crafted to leave the reader in awe of the men and the women fate gave them. I was left satisfied with both stories, but left wanting to read more about the pack and its future. I highly recommend the writing of Ms. McKay and Ms. Coulter Smith and their Kilted Wolves Duet.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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