Argeneau Series

Book 1 : A Quick Bite
Book 2 : Love Bites
Book 3 : Single White Vampire
Book 4 : Tall Dark & Hungry
Book 5 : A Bite to Remember
Book 6 : Bite Me if You Can
Book 7 : The Accidental Vampire
Book 8 : Vampires are Forever
Book 9 : Vampire Interrupted
Book 10 : The Rogue Hunter
Book 11 : The Immortal Hunter
Book 12 : The Renegade Hunter
Bitten by Cupid Anthology
Book 13 : Born to Bite
Book 14 : Hungry for You
Book 15 : The Reluctant Vampire
The Bite Before Christmas (Anthology)
Book 16: Under a Vampire Moon
Book 17: Lady is a Vamp
Book 18: Immortal Ever After
Book 19: One Lucky Vampire
Book 20: Vampire Most Wanted
Book 21: The Immortal Who Loved Me
Book 22: About a Vampire
Book 23: Runaway Vampire
Book 24: Immortal Nights
Book 25: Immortal Unchained
Book 26: Immortally Yours
Book 27: Twice Bitten
Book 28: Vampires Like it Hot

Argeneau Book 26
ISBN#: 9780062468956
September 2017
Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback
367 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Beth Argenis was adopted into the Spanish branch of the Argeneau family shortly after her turning. The former prostitute has come to terms with her horrible past and has become an efficient and effective Hunter.

Scotty MacDonald is an eight hundred year old Immortal and head of the UK hunters. He has been waiting over a hundred years for his lifemate to be ready for him.

North America is short on Hunters at the moment with close to three quarters of the force in Venezuela after a notorious Rogue. Beth has been working long hours and is relieved to hear that additional help is coming until she sees who has arrived from Scotland. Scotty has been a thorn in her side since she overheard him demanding that her mind be erased not long after she was turned. He always seems to be looking down his nose at her and undermining her in front of her colleagues. She does not realize that he is her lifemate and he is trying to protect her in his own ill-advised way. Especially now that it is obvious that someone is trying to kill her.

This has always been one of my favorite series. I have read each and every one and have never been disappointed. This novel is no exception. The plot is full of action, danger, intrigue, romance, and a dash of humor. New characters are introduced and old ones are revisited. Scotty and Beth spend a good portion of the story misreading each other until Scotty recognizes his prejudices and gets over himself. This series stays on my auto buy list.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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