ISBN# (10) 0-446-57884-3 and (13) 978-0-446-57884-4
October 16, 2006
Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$27.99 U.S./$34.99 Canada
304 Pages
Cooking, Crafts & Hobbies
Rating: 5 Cups

Face it, almost everyone sometime in our lives throws parties and are eagerly seeking help in making hassle free preparations. When it comes to entertaining, not only should the food and arrangements be perfect to make the evening fantastic, but tips on the right thing to say often comes as a big help for many. Hospitality is something that does not come easy for some, and for others, they seem to have the knack to make everything turn out perfectly. When one does need that extra help, there is a book out there that can really offer the best advice in every area to make one that ideal hostess in any given situation.

A good hostess is always prepared to say the right thing when guests arrive. Often times, guests do have a way of blurting out things that are best kept bridled under their tongue. Not to mention those visitor who arrive for a party and decide to do their little snooping into the home. Who has not had someone come over, whether an entertainment party is going on, or just to visit to have the medicine cabinet or refrigerator raided? This book offers a nice little trick for those who have the snooping caller who loves to do a little investigating of the home. I got a kick out of Ms. Sedaris putting marbles inside her medicine cabinet as she prepared for the snoop to begin the raid on her medicine cabinet.

I Like You is one thrill book that keeps spinning with clever ideas, great recipes and photos that really keep the reader turning the pages. To be the perfect clever hostess this is the book that really stands out and gets the readers attention. The practical advice given is not only easily understood but quite educational. With many comical moments, this reader felt a bit of déjà vu. There were things done and said that I know I had been in that situation many times. I must say this book had me glued with all the interesting information and research.

Ms Sedaris knows how to throw parties and delight guests with recipes that will be remembered always. She spins some great old-fashion advice and little tricks that really kept this reader glued to the book. I could just imagine someone walking into the bathroom and opening the medicine cabinet to see marbles plunging down to the sink. The expression on their face would be priceless. Ms. Sedaris gives helpful hints and recipes that one will really wish to prepare many times over. I Like You offers helpful hints, a barrage of great ideas for any form of entertaining or everyday needs. I really enjoy the etiquette pointers that she instills especially for the ones who come out and say the wrong thing to those who are grieving. I Like You floored me, and really impressed me beyond words in an extraordinary world of advice that is brilliant.

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