ISBN# 0-446-69438-X
August 2006
Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
Paperback (trade)
$14.99 U.S./$19.99 Canada
208 Pages
Health & Beauty/Health & Fitness
Rating: 4 Cups

Hormones: the one thing that women will face from the childbearing years to the ripe age of menopause. With these female hormones come many different imbalances in life that can lead to PMS and even a menopausal change that women, and sometimes even men, are faced as they try to understand the needs the body undergoes. The symptom group list allows the reader to take the hormone balance test with six different group levels, and compare results with their symptoms.

This book informs the reader of the many aspects of the hormonal issues, not only with the changes, but even with the medications and chemicals that are sometimes found in the medicines prescribed for these unusual alterations. One seeks to understand the level of the hormones women, and in men the testosterone level, while maintaining a life that is sometimes hard to comprehend when it comes to our bodies. The good doctor goes on to explain how exercise can benefit our lives and help with the hormones. I like the tally sheet where the reader can keep a daily track of their symptoms.

The good doctor gives solutions to those that seek much needed advice. By going over a checklist of things, to a dosage guideline, and a monthly calendar to schedule certain hormonal changes, there is even a section for cleaning up the house to clean up the hormones. With his three rules for hormone replacement therapy, it gives the reader much thought as to other alternatives when they are faced with prescriptions that they might not wish to take.

Dr. John Lee’s Hormone Balance Made Simple is a very interesting book that will inform the different aspects that is often related to hormonal imbalance. I liked the part where the details on stress, diet, sleep, exercise, and other exposures can often affect the hormone balance was incorporated into the chapters of the book. I learned some things about Premarin that came as a surprise. Dr. Lee took some well-researched facts easy to understand, and incorporated them to reach out to women who have trouble understanding the hormonal issues and the prescription drugs. I hated to hear of his passing, but am thrilled that his colleagues and his wife finished the making of this book to get the word across to so many women. Thank you for a well-informed book.

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