Fallen Saints MC 

Fallen Saints MC, Book 2
ISBN: 9780369502599
November 2020
Evernight Publishing
96 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Hawke has always had Bonnie’s back and he always will.  He knows he is way too old for her and she deserves more than a hardened biker like him.  Fortunately, fate takes a different path and when her life is in danger, he decides he is exactly who she will get.  When it seems his brothers have turned their back on him Hawke knows no one will keep him from Bonnie, even death.

Bonnie has always had Hawke at her back but now she wants him there for the rest of her life and not because her dad ordered him to.  When her life takes a turn, she never saw coming she just may get all of her dreams to come true.

Hawke and Bonnie have been together for most of her life even living together but he was her shadow there to keep her safe. Just when she can hope her dream of being his will come true, she finds a major roadblock in their way.  Will Hawke and Bonnie make it out alive and will their love force them both from the very place they call home?

I love the story of Hawke and Bonnie because they are both willing to give up all to be together.  The character and story are crafted together to ensnare the reader into the Fallen Saints MC world.  Hawke is a fighter, but he is perfect for Bonnie because she is no wimpy loser.  I highly recommend the writing of Winter Sloan and the story of this amazing couple.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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