Dixie Reaper MC

  • Book 1: Venom
  • Book 2: Torch
  • Book 3: Rocky
  • Book 4: Bull
  • Book 5: Preacher
  • Book 6: Tex
  • Book 7: Zipper
  • Book 8: Wraith
  • Book 9: Tank
  • Book 10: Encounters Vol. 1
  • Book 11: Flicker
  • Book 12: Saint
  • Book 13: Wire
  • Book 14: Sarge
  • Book 15: Thunder
  • Book 16: Savior
  • Book 17: Grimm

Dixie Reapers MC Duets

  • Book 1: Venom/Torch

Dixie Reapers MC, Book 17
BIN: 010492-03409
September 2022
Changeling Press LLC
145 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic, Motorcycle club romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Oksana found herself betrayed by the one who should protect her. When the punishment is too high a price, a friend gets her out and sends her on the road to her future.

Grimm thought he put his past behind him years ago, but then the past showed up at the gate to drag him back in. When he meets Oksana, he knows he would drag everyone into hell with him if he thought it would keep her safe.

In the end the one who came disguised as a savior becomes the devil himself. Can Grimm and Oksana overcome and settle into a bright future or lose it all through betrayal?

I enjoyed reading Grimm and Oksana’s story. The twists and turns throughout the story keeps the reader on edge until the final crescendo when all is revealed. The writing of Ms. Wylde is amazing and her characters are the best. I highly recommend Grimm and the MC world Ms.Wylde creates.

Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance & More

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