ISBN# 1-4241-2054-3
May 1, 2006
Publish America, LLLP
$11.95 (soft cover)
106 Pages
Poetry Illustrations
Rating: 4 Cups

Ms Whisman creativity composes words that delight, enhance and bring relaxation. With a compilation of works, she pens some wonderful sensations that branch out from the heart just as the changing of the seasons.

With poetry that rhymes almost like a tune, she gives the reader diverse stages of emotions as she recollects expressions of love, things that happen during the day or when night settles in and creates fondness and warmth that flows smoothly. This collection and some of Ms. Whisman’s Haiku Corner blends a wonderful assortment for just about anyone.

Ms. Whisman takes her own life and composes honest and frank language that touches her spirit as she reaches out and speaks of many facets dealing with nature. Often reading the ones about the crickets, the sounds could almost be heard. The expressions are so colorful that it is hard to choose one favorite, as they all seem to stand out in their own way. Then again, there were some that required a second reading, the intensity of the verse really flows.

A beautiful cache of poems that find a way to the heart can practically be envisaged in Fireflies, Moonlight and All That Jazz. Each one carries a tune of its own as it transports the reader into a momentum leaving a warm feeling. I know it did for this reader. There were some that I enjoyed reading more than a second time. Wistful, Twinkling Ballet, Two Hearts, Hush and Without were some that really stood out to me. Ms. Whisman shares words that stem from her heart and this reader could tell that in each reflection she brought to life. She brings love to the pages in a splendid way. I enjoyed how she posed the poems in rhythmic verse that spun an interesting ingenuity.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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