ISBN: 1-931722-51-X
January 2006 (First Edition)
Time Warner Book Club
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
Price: $21.95/$29.96(Canada)
255 Pages
Health and Fitness
Rating: 5 Cups

Fast foods, junk foods, health foods, exercise, what really should a person do with the hype of being thin? Even skinny people sometimes are  not healthy. What it really all boils down to is health issues. No matter what shape people find themselves, to achieve longevity one should think health-wise. Exercise and good nutrition habits are no exception. “Eat Smart Walk Strong” is a book centered on staying fit with an excellent chart of advice designed to teach good habits and abolish bad ones. It blends pages of advice, recipes, and diet tips along with creative walking information.  

Everyone knows to achieve success in life one must follow advice and adhere to it. “Eat Smart Walk Strong” is just the beginning in learning the benefits of exercise along with the proper eating habits that will help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and cleanse the body of the bad stuff.

Leslie Sansone creates a simple and easy plan to follow. Inside the pages she offers a six-week plan to help secure good eating habits that will last always if followed wisely. There are great recipes with fun snacks when people have the urge to bite into something tasty. Leslie has something for everyone. I believe it is ingenuous the way she demonstrates a guide to walking indoors when one is sometimes restricted from going out.  

Eat Smart Walk Strong is an educational book on fitness that incorporates a favorable lifestyle. That is what I love about Leslie Sansone; she always makes it simple to follow a plan not only healthy but also fun. She reaches everyone; even the physically challenged by demonstrating things in an advantageous way. This book carries beneficial hints with a great chart to get the person motivated that it really is uplifting. I believe that this book is so exceptional, useful and encouraging that I give it a rating of 5 cups.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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