Fated Trilogy

Fated Trilogy: Book 2
ISBN: 9780463054888 / ASIN: B0BFYXPBK4
October 25, 2022
Self Published
eBook / Paperback
133 Pages
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Riley is a very smart self-controlled male which intrigues and makes you want him to win over the female of his heart’s desire. He may seem a bit insecure at first but eventually, he builds up character and bravery and begins to be the male you expect to see in a romance novel.

Fiona is a woman which seems to be mean in the beginning but is actually hiding her sensitivity behind layers of depth and the character of a fighter. She seems to like almost anything that moves on two feet which made me have a low opinion of her at first, but as I read on I realized it was more insecurities that caused that behavior than being mean, so I really liked her. I eventually thought she was sweet.

The witches are in a war of survival and they try to fight by teaming up with the males of the enemy clan. If they succeed lives will be saved and history will change but if not destruction will befall them all. I enjoyed watching the story unfold as they all fight their own battle to play an important part in the survival of their lines. Now it is amazing to see enemies fighting as friends but is this all it will unfold in the answer is no the secrets this story holds are much more than what the reader expects and that is what you must discover as you read this book.

The book is fast-paced the dialogue is exciting keeping you on your toes. Now Riley is a smart man and Fiona seems to be a mean soul in the beginning but eventually, the two seem to find a common ground. There were times I wanted to relax a little from the pace but the interest of the story kept me reading. Even though there isn’t any relaxation there is a lot of amazing parts that build the story in an amazing book. I enjoyed it enough to read it within a day. That means you don’t stop until you finish this story.

Christine Baely
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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