Hells Vipers Motorcycle Club

November 2019
Deep Desires Press


221 pages
M/F Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 cups


Nuke is the newly chosen Road Captain for the motorcycle club “Hells Vipers” taking the position when another member stepped down. He is married to Jasmine, likes to dominate and control, and senses trouble is coming. There is trouble, and there is his half-brother Holden, which is worse than trouble.

Jasmine Simmons is Nuke’s wife. They met when she was a nurse and against odds anyone one else would lay, she fell for him and agreed to his way of life. She got trained in the ways of an “old lady” and a submissive.

Both Nuke and Jasmine struggle with insecurity and jealousy. It is hard not to when all the other “unclaimed” women would love to have Nuke for him and his position and all men appreciate Jasmine for her looks. Nuke tries to protect her from some of the activities of the club that are not legal, but this usually feeds her insecurity. Jasmine would do anything for Nuke and anything is probably an understatement. Nuke and Jasmine, along with Pipe, Kevin, Medic and the rest of the club, have to deal with all the problems that came with Holden showing up uninvited and bleeding from a gunshot, the dead woman found right outside their gates, as well as another gang trying to take over territory using the club’s colors.

This book was more than I bargained for in many ways. I learned about some kinky stuff I had never heard of and might have been okay not knowing. I felt like the club stuff was a little overdone, too much, too extreme. I imagine there is a possibility of some of the behavior described could really happen, but it felt like a stretch for me. I did not really connect with any of the characters in a way that made me care what happened to them.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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