September 22, 2017
Kelli A. Wilkins 
114 Pages
Paranormal Comedy
Rating: 4 Cups

Tara is used to her shenanigans when it comes to bigfoot, but now he has stepped way over the line. Bringing some creature home and putting him in chains is too much for Tara until she sees the man beast for the first time.

Kyani has been trapped inside the body of a creature since his tribe was cursed years ago. Only true love and acceptance will set him free. He met Tara as a child and now that she is grown, fate brings them back together.

Tara’s Dad is determined to expose bigfoot and when he does, a disaster occurs, leaving Tara hurt and on the run with the man beast.  Will Tara be able to look past the exterior to see the love within, or will Kyani be forced to remain in his cursed form for all time?

Tara and Kyani’s story is unusual but entertaining. There were a few times I laughed out loud at the path this love story took. The book is an unusual spin on paranormal but one worth reading. Give Beauty and the Bigfoot a read – you will not be disappointed.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More



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