Legendary Consultants, Book 3
January 2017
Abigail Owen
Paranormal Romance
193 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rowan McAuliffe, a powerful witch with a rare talent, was not raised as the typical witch, being taught to use her powers by a nontraditional source and taught to trust no one, including other witches. Recently she was held against her will by a rogue werewolf and forced to use her magic against others, but the mage council is after answers about the incident, her, and possibly her life, once they find those answers. Delilah, from Legendary Consultants, came up with the idea of hiding her in plain sight and sent her to be the nanny to the warlock in charge of her capture. But what will be harder -hiding from the council, dealing with triplet pre-teens with special powers, or the smoldering attraction she has for her would-be captor?

Greyson Masters, a warlock and chief enforcer for the mage council, has been tasked to find the unknown witch who has been seen performing some special magic during a recent battle. She has been hard to find since he has had difficulty with eye-witnesses and a sketchy description to work with. He is also a single father trying to raise three young witches who are showing a great amount of power and is in need of a nanny. Luckily, Legendary Consultants can help. Despite their bad luck with previous nannies this one seems to be fitting in well and sticking. Sticking so well she stays in his thoughts and has him feeling things he has not for years and wanting to know more about her, though he might not like what he finds.

Rowan has started to gain her footing in her new position as nanny, garnering the triplets’ trust while trying to avoid the intense attraction she is feeling for Grey. All the while Delilah works behind the scenes to help her with her problems with the council. No one expected trouble to come in the form of the lover of the dead werewolf who kept her captive, wanting revenge on the person who she blames for his death. That trouble puts Grey and the girls’ life in danger and Rowan maybe the only one who can help, if she trusts and reveals her powers. Will revealing the truth and trusting Grey set her free or will it crush her attempts with new found love and the family she has finally found? Then there is the mage council … what will they do with the truth?

I will say first that this is the third book of the series and even if it is written so that you do not have to have read the first two books after reading this one you will definitely want to. It had a bit of everything in it some action, humor, intrigue, romance, and the right touches of steam throughout. Everything was mixed together nicely and left the pleasure of reading a good story. Grey, though sometimes slow to catch on, when he did he gave it his all. Rowan was pretty much the perfect heroine she pulled off being strong, being vulnerable, and having the right amount of ingenuity to pull off resolutions to problems that cropped up all at the same time. The romance between the two progressed at a nice pace, not too fast or too slow and was completely fulfilling to read. I adored this book, cannot wait for the next, and think it my favorite of the series so far.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Legendary Consultants

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