(previously titled) AT THE HEART OF THE STONE
ISBN# 978-1-5092-2361-9
January 2019
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
422 pages
Erotic, Contemporary, Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lark Braithwaite thought she had the ideal life with a great job, a flat in London, and being engaged to a handsome man. Life has lost its luster, mainly her relationship with her controlling fiancé, Charles. For the past six months she has dreamed about an enigmatic, Irish lover who knows what she wants and gives it to her. In the middle of a corporate merger she is hit with the news that she is needed in Oregon as her father has died. The last thing she foresaw was to see her dream lover in the flesh.

Niall O’Hagan is a friend of the family and also happens to be their attorney. When he meets Lark for the first time he is stunned, first by the instant and intense connection that forms between them, secondly because it has been years since he felt this way about a woman. He is the exact opposite of the controlling Charles, wanting only what is best for her and anticipating her needs. Despite the short time they have together he spends the bulk of it pointing out who would be the better man for her.

Lark, full of grief, heads to Oregon, never expecting to meet the object of her erotic dreams. When Charles joins her later, his controlling ways are more evident as he is out of his habitat and his true colors start to show. Along with their explosive chemistry Niall shows her how much he cares by showering her with the care and affection she deserves and was missing. Just as she chooses to embark on her new life a rainy storm heralds the arrival of an unexpected visitor. Instead of coping with the beginnings of a new life, a sudden attack and the threat of blackmail stops her in her tracks.

This story was so much more than the typical erotic story and I loved every part of it. Yes the love scenes were smoking hot, and I mean “omg” hot, but the romance and story itself stole the show for me. Niall’s tender care of Lark was marvelous, he coaxed the real Lark out, showing her what love really was and how holding a grudge is basically pointless. This book is one of those rare erotic books that,along with having intense, delectable sex scenes, also come with a beautiful romance with fully developed characters and an enticing plot full of twists and turns. I highly recommend it!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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