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CTR has a new thing and this is the first post. Once a month, CTR will ask authors to dish about their writing habits and book secrets for your reading pleasure. Come to learn or come because you’re curious or both.

March 2018 Topic: Runaway Characters

CTR Asked: How do you handle characters who change personality without your say so? Or, how do you handle characters whose spontaneous actions change the plot or course of the story?

Authors Who Dished:
D. Renee Bagby
Gina Danna
Luanna Stewart
Cynthia Sax
Ruth A. Casie
Cecily Wolfe
Meka James
Crystal-Rain Love
N.J. Walters
Megan Slayer
Mariana Gabrielle
Afton Locke
DM Roberto

Click the above links to read their answers.

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