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September 2019: Office Space
~ N.J. Walters ~

CTR asked:

Describe the space where you write. Is it an office? A coffee shop? Messy desk?

N.J. Walters said:

No two writers work in the same way. Some need (or at least don’t mind) noise or music. Some need silence. I fall into the second camp. While I’ll sometimes use music for inspiration or to get in the mood to write a particular book or scene I need absolute quiet to write. If there is music playing I tend to sing. Television distracts me. I wish I was the type of author who could bop along to music as I wrote, but my mind doesn’t seem to want to work that way.

And that’s why I have two desktop computers. Yes, you read that right. I have a desk and shelf tucked away in a 3’ X 6’ corner of my living room. The Wi-Fi is off on this computer. It’s never been turned on. I don’t want any distractions when I sit down to write. Because it’s such a small area, I have to keep it fairly tidy. And honestly, there’s not much space to put anything beyond the computer and some pens, file cards, paperclips, and my calendar. The second computer is in an actual office and is hooked into the Internet. It’s where I do a lot of my social media, promotion, advertising, research, and the million other details that go into being a working author. This area is messier with sticky notes, notepads, and file cards with jotted reminders scattered everywhere.

Why don’t I write in the actual office? Well, I was married a long time and this was primarily his space. Mine was in the living room. We’re no longer together, but I’m comfortable with the way things are. I have my own little writing cave. I’ve written all but two of my books there. I could take over the office space and remake it, but I fear it just wouldn’t be the same.

I’m not fond of change, as you can probably tell. I wish I could write in a coffee shop and on a laptop. And that’s my goal for the coming year. I’m actually going to buy a laptop and take it with me when I hit the local Starbucks. Yes, there’s noise there, but I can plug in my earbuds and keep the music off to block off the noise. Who knows what might happen? I might open up a whole new world.


Salvaging Abby by N.J. Walters (cover)

Salvaging Abby (Marks Mercenaries)

[SciFi Mercenary Erotic Romance]

Space salvager Abby Marks has lived through the deaths of her brothers and an abduction. Independent, she lives by her own rules. But her life takes a turn when she decides to salvage what appears to be an abandoned Gravasian ship—only to come face-to-face with Vaden el Gravaso, an intimidating, yet downright sexy warrior, who seems intent on keeping her.

Engine troubles have disabled his ship. When Abby boards his vessel, she pulls a blaster and shoots him, so how can he not want her? Vaden knows her brothers are very much alive and searching for her, but so is her abductor. He isn’t about to let any of them have her. As her past and present collide, both their lives and hearts are at risk.

Available in Ebook:


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