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September 2019: Office Space
~ Jeanine Englert ~

CTR asked:

Describe the space where you write. Is it an office? A coffee shop? Messy desk?

Jeanine Englert said:

I have a large L shaped desk in my office at home where I write most of my books. It is organized (in its own way) with piles of research material, notes from when I’ve been elsewhere and inspired with ideas, my favorite pictures of family and friends, and inspirational quotations. There is also a sea of sticky notes, pens/pencils/highlighters, and my large sketch book full of plot ideas, pictures, and my character playlists since music is a huge inspiration to me as I work, especially if I am stuck.

I have also written portions of books on scrap paper in scrawling script on my nightstand where I tend to get an idea right before I fall asleep, and I’ve also written down ideas on my shower whiteboard for when I get a brainstorm. I find my ideas come when they want and although I write best in the dark wee hours of the early morning (4am is a great time for me to write), my characters don’t always behave.

I generally have a huge mug of coffee with me in the early morning or decaffeinated tea (if later in the day) along with a large water bottle as I write. I tend to write in 25 minute sprints followed by a stretch break where I go downstairs and refuel my mug and water bottle. This allows me a brief break before I begin my next 25 minute sprint. My adorable rescue pups are also a permanent fixture in my office while I write. And, if I’ve been writing well past my sprint time, they usually nudge me until I can no longer type without a thousand mistakes to remind me to take them out and to take a break. That way I can continue to enjoy my writing each and every day.


Lovely Digits by Jeanine Englert (cover)

Lovely Digits

[Historical Romantic Suspense]

When two murders strike the sleepy Victorian town of Clun, England, an unlikely partnership forms. But can the killer be found before there is a third?

Lovely Digits is the town oddity…

But quirky spinster Lucy Wycliffe prefers to ignore gossip and embrace her position as the town’s layer out of the dead, despite how her parents’ deaths thrust her into such unlikely work. Lovely Digits, as she’s known to the local townspeople, no longer dreams of marriage, but takes pride in providing dignity to the dead. Desperate to hold on to her family’s cottage and support her widowed sister and young niece, an unexpected offer of employment as assistant to the constable arrives at the perfect time.

Former sailor John Brodie is the mysterious new constable…

But John Brodie is far from a stranger to Clun or the events of its past. Accepting the position as constable in the small town is a double edged sword meant to heal his past and redeem his future, but falling for the beautiful and intelligent Lucy Wycliffe was never part of his plan. As the killer closes in, will John reveal his secret and risk losing everything to save Lucy’s life?

Available in Ebook:


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