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September 2019: Office Space
~ Harley Wylde ~

CTR asked:

Describe the space where you write. Is it an office? A coffee shop? Messy desk?

Harley Wylde said:

I’ve been writing professionally since 2008, and over the years my office space has changed. When I first started, I wrote anywhere I found the time or space. The living room, on my lunch break at the day job, sitting in bed after midnight… I could write anywhere. I still opted to write in the living room until the past few years. I used noise canceling headphones to drown out my family while I put words on the page. Well, when I wasn’t writing at Starbucks.

That’s not the case now.

We recently purchased a home, which will have room for me to have a real office. The problem? It currently doesn’t have doors. Since the doorways are so wide, it will require two sets of interior French doors. Pricey, but worth it in the end. Until my office is ready, I’ve set up a folding table and my computer in the bedroom, right in front of the window.

What types of things do I keep handy?

Well, I overheat easily, so I have a small desk fan sitting on the corner. There’s a little wooden sign that says “Less is more. Unless it’s coffee.” I also keep two steno pads, a pen, a huge stack of post-its, and two items a dear friend sent me – a rock that says “fearless” and a coin that has “inspire on” on one side with a quill and “you are loved” is written on the other. I also keep three metallic sharpies handy for signing bookmarks and such, as well as a scented candle. My current candle is called Remarkable Autumn Everlasting Adventure. It’s a pumpkin/cinnamon scent that I love. But then I love all things pumpkin (Yes, I’m one those people).

Is it my ideal office space?

No. Once my true office is set up, I’m hoping to have a large, sturdy desk with matching bookshelves. I already a few things I’d like to hang on the walls. I’m looking forward to personalizing my area. Is it necessary for writing? Not really, but I do believe that having a dedicated space has helped me focus more. Even though I’ve published well over 100 books across various pen names since 2008, I think having a true office will help me feel more like a professional author. It’s my full-time job, and it’s time I started treating it that way.

As for a messy workspace… I’m OCD, so I can only handle so much clutter before I start reorganizing and figuring out what I can throw away. It’s why I like the post-it notes. Once I’m done, they’re easy to toss, and if I write just one thing on each one (yes, I know.. it’s a waste of paper), then it’s easier to throw them out as I tackle each item. It keeps me organized, on track, and the lack of clutter keeps me sane. Well, sane-ish. I’m a writer after all. I think the normal ship sailed a long time ago.


Rocket by Harley Wylde (cover)

Rocket (Hades Abyss MC)

[Erotic Biker Interracial New Adult Romance, MF]

Violeta — It’s been a year since I was brought to the US and given to Rocket. I’d thought he was like the others and would only cause me pain. I was wrong. Rocket is the kindest, sweetest man I’ve ever met. I arrived an abused, pregnant teen. Now I’m a more confident woman, and I have Rocket to thank. Falling in love with him was inevitable, but now I need him to see me as a desirable woman and not a girl who needs his protection.

Rocket — The young girl who came to live with me was more broken than I’d realized. The horrors she faced have made her stronger, but it didn’t happen overnight. It’s hard not to watch her, to want her. I shouldn’t. I’m too damn old for an eighteen-year-old woman. She’s not as fragile, physically and emotionally, but I can’t shut off the protector inside me that wants to shelter her and keep her safe. When she’s taken, I know that the men responsible will die. I only hope that side of me doesn’t scare my sweet Vi, but nothing will stop me from spilling their blood. I just don’t know if we can end the war before it starts, or if this will only be the beginning. I’ll keep her safe, no matter the cost, because she’s mine whether she knows it or not.

WARNING: This book contains violence, strong language, explicit sex scenes, and an abused woman. But it also has a biker who will protect the woman he loves, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

Available in Ebook:


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