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September 2019: Office Space
~ Elizabeth Coldwell ~

CTR asked:

Describe the space where you write. Is it an office? A coffee shop? Messy desk?

Elizabeth Coldwell said:

My ‘office space’ is the dining table in my home, because that’s where the computer is situated. I find the set-up of the chair and table is better for concentration than slouching on the sofa, plus the PC has the various apps (YouTube, Spotify) to supply the music or podcasts I like to listen to when I’m writing.

I would say I have no distractions, but when you have cats in the house, that’s never true. One likes to perch on the tiny strip between the keyboard and the edge of the table in order to get my attention, since it’s the best way to physically prevent me from typing. The other, who is much more polite, simply gives me a gentle tap on the arm with her paw when she wants to be let outside.

Some writers find their creativity in the environment of a coffee shop. In my case, the nearest one is enough of a walk that it would take time out of my day when I could be writing, plus it’s on a busy high street, so it wouldn’t grant me the peace and quiet I enjoy at home. Plus I’m reminded of the rather cruel Family Guy cutaway gag about the people who set up their laptops in Starbucks because they believe all real writers need to be seen writing, or there’s no point to doing it.

My partner also enjoys the fact I write at home because it means there’ll always be someone in the house to sign for a delivery or set the Sky box to record some programme for him. I like it because I can get chores done at the same time as I’m working, such as putting on a load of laundry. Although it does mean when the words aren’t flowing the way I’d like, I am tempted to do a spot of procrasti-baking to clear my head – which reminds me, I need to go and check on the brioche loaf that’s currently in my bread maker…


One Knight In Muiden by Elizabeth Coldwell (cover)

One Knight In Muiden, City Knights #2

[Historical Medieval Erotic Romance, MF]

Cautious of being given in marriage to a man with a reputation for coldness and cruelty, Lady Swaneke agrees to swap places with her maid, Mette for the night. In disguise, she can watch her potential husband from a distance, and learn more about him.

Count Reynold is not what Swaneke expected, and neither is his man-at-arms, Sir Alwin. What started as a simple game of deception turns to unforgettable passion as finds herself falling for the handsome, brooding knight.

What will happen if Sir Alwin discovers her true identity?

Available in Ebook:


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