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September 2019: Office Space
~ Anna Durand ~

CTR asked:

Describe the space where you write. Is it an office? A coffee shop? Messy desk?

Anna Durand said:

My workspace is relatively neat, but it holds a hodgepodge of stuff — everything from my copy of the Dewey Decimal Classification to a tiny basalt pyramid inscribed with Egyptianesque symbols. My desk occupies the far corner of my living room, which turns out to be the coldest spot in the house in the winter. I have two puppies to keep my feet warm. I also keep warm by writing sizzling-hot stories all winter long.

When I’m writing, I keep several things handy on the desk. First, I have my paperback copies of The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, and Thinking Like a Romance Writer by Dahlia Evans. Other books are close by too: Scottish Surnames by David Dorward, The Character-Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn Kenyon, The Chicago Manual of Style, and of course Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Something you might not expect to find under my desk is a portable mini bike. It’s just the pedals part of an exercise bicycle, which fits nicely under my desk. I can exercise while dreaming up steamy scenes. That keeps the blood flowing and my brain working at full throttle.

My desk also holds my smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy. I use that to check in on social media (though not obsessively) and to keep track of promotions I have running. When I’m away from my desk, I take notes on my phone about whatever stories I’m working on at the moment.

And oh yes, I can’t forget the sticky notes. I have the virtual kind on my computer scree as well as the physical kind stuck to various parts of my desk. I own two sticky-note dispensers, one big and one small. Sometimes I have so many sticky notes lined up on my desk that it looks like a collage.

I’ve got my At-A-Glance desk calendar too. It’s indispensable for keeping track of deadlines, dates for upcoming promotions, and anything else related to my writing. But the most important thing on my desk is my computer. I couldn’t do everything a modern writer needs to do without my PC.


Insatiable in a Kilt by Anna Durand (cover)

Insatiable in a Kilt (Hot Scots, Book Six)

[Erotic Contemporary Billionaire Romance]

“Behave, Mr. MacTaggart.”

One steamy night in Paris, I had a quick and dirty fling with a Scotsman who wouldn’t tell me his name. Ten months later, my boss sends me to Scotland to broker a business deal with tech mogul Evan MacTaggart. There’s just one problem. The seductive billionaire is the man from Paris, and I still can’t resist him.

The moment Keely O’Shea walked into my office I knew I could never let her go this time. For ten months, I’ve dreamed about the beautiful, sensual woman who drove me out of my mind. Now, she’s sitting here in my office dressed like a sexy librarian and telling me to behave. How can I? The way she looks, the way she moves, and the memory of Paris are all driving me mad again. She thinks she’s too old for me. I say eleven years means nothing. I need to possess her, but do I have the right? My past mistakes are knocking on my door.

Evan tempts me to take risks and unleash my inner wild child, but I’ve had too many heartaches in the past. The secretive Highlander who’s too young for me might be the only man who can get under my skin and convince me to take a chance on love again.

Available in Ebook:


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