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September 2018: Favorite Heroine
~ Stephen B King ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which heroine is your favorite and why?

Stephen B King said:
Thirty-Three Days introduces Jenny, a lonely sixty-eight year old lecturer in the environment who has spent her whole life teaching her students to look after our world. In studying for three Master’s degrees, and teaching and mentoring students her social and love life passed her by. When she is offered a chance to send her consciousness back in time for thirty three days on a mission to save the world, as introverted as she is, she takes the challenge. In the past she finds love, the kind that comes once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky, yet she cannot stay beyond her allowed time. If she fails, there is an assassin coming, and she must choose between saving the love of her life, or every living thing in the future.


Thirty-Three Days by Stephen B King cover

Thirty-Three Days

[Thriller Time Travel Romance]

Jenny is a lonely university lecturer who’s consciousness has traveled back in time to her younger body to try to save the future of the world. A young microbiologist is going to release a genetically modified wheat that will mutate and ultimately destroy all plant life, leaving nothing but barren windswept dust bowls. In the past, Jenny finds a love that has been missing from her life; the kind that comes just once in a lifetime. But Jenny can only stay in that time period for thirty-three days. Meanwhile, in the future, fearful Jenny will fail, plans are made to send another back in time–an assassin. How can she choose between saving the man she loves or saving the future?

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