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September 2018: Favorite Heroine
~ Megan Slayer ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which heroine is your favorite and why?

Megan Slayer said:
My favorite heroine has to be my goddess, Ariadne. I love characters that are survivors. I don’t know what you know about Ariadne, but this poor girl has been through a lot. First she helps a man and gets him to safety from not only her father, but a beast. In return, the man leaves her on an island. Nice, eh? Then she is spotted by another man, who saves her, but because he’s got another woman in his life…he ends up sending Ariadne to the underworld. Oh, and he’s got a drinking problem. So she’s been left twice and is in hell. But she’s not done.

That’s what I love about her. She doesn’t give up. She’s scared, but she’s not going down without a fight. She gets out of hell, but she has to run. Her ex isn’t done with her. I mean, how do you move forward from that? I don’t know how, but she does.

I love that she’s fearful—like many people would be—but she doesn’t quit. She runs to find freedom. She can hold her own and won’t back down from a fight. She’s got a sharp tongue and when faced with the man who could be her future…she’s not ready to jump right into bed with him.

So this woman who has run away from a man with a drinking problem who cast her to hell, who would she possibly run to? A creature of the night. A creature from hell. A vampire.

Does this stop her? I said, she’s tough and headstrong. She keeps going. She doesn’t let him direct her, but she also is savvy enough to know when she wants him. How cool is that? That’s why I love her. She’s a hurricane in a dress and can’t be stopped.


Ariadne's Vampire by Megan Slayer cover

Ariadne’s Vampire (A Goddess After Dark novella)

[Paranormal Erotic Romance]

Ariadne defied her father for love, only to be abandoned. She married for what she thought was love, only to have Dionysus leave her for another woman. Even Aphrodite won’t smile on her because Aphrodite wants Dionysus. Ari can’t seem to win. What’s a goddess to do if she wants love?

Find a vampire.

Caden, a vampire and creature of the night, gave up on love long ago. Draining victims, sex and sleep are his orders for each evening…until he’s tasked with tracking Ariadne. He doesn’t expect the goddess to call to his wounded soul in ways he thought long since dead.

Can a vampire and goddess go the distance or will their happy ending die with the dawn?

Available in Ebook:

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