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September 2018: Favorite Heroine
~ Mariposa Cruz ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which heroine is your favorite and why?

Mariposa Cruz said:
My long-legged, heroine with the auburn tresses, from “Wedding Tango” is my favorite character. Moira Williams had to grow-up fast when her husband, Clint, left her with a small daughter and a huge stack of bills. She is strong and practical-minded from raising her daughter alone. I admire her predisposition to bluntness because it is reminiscent of my maternal grandmother who was a strong woman in her own right.

Moira’s profession as a paralegal was inspired by my close friend and former colleague’s work with the poor. Working as a paralegal for a non-profit legal aid group, Moira is well-aware of how easily people can get ensnared in a system they don’t understand. Yet she is superstitious enough to wonder if hearing Styx’s “”Nothing Ever Goes as Planned”” on the radio is an omen of a potential bad day.


Wedding Tango by Mariposa Cruz cover

Wedding Tango, Rhythm & Romance series, Book 3

[Contemporary Romance]

Moira Williams is dismayed when her daughter, Tami, announces her engagement. Sure Jon’s a great guy, but why do they have to get married in Buenos Aires? Though she dreads seeing her ex-husband, Alan, the gorgeous father of the groom has her pulse racing.

Widower Alan Rochester buries his grief with non-stop home improvement projects, but a sexy redhead has captured his attention. He’s eager to show Moira the sights of Buenos Aires from his college days, but is he ready to face the world again?

South of the equator, nothing is as it seems. Can Moira and Alan navigate through their feelings for each other and save their kids’ dream wedding from becoming a nightmare?

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