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September 2018: Favorite Heroine
~ Kathryne Kennedy ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which heroine is your favorite and why?

Kathryne Kennedy said:
My favorite heroine always seems to be the last one I wrote about, which in this case, is from the final short story in my collection. Maybe it’s because she’s so fresh in my mind. Kalaka, an apprentice shaman in my arctic world of magic and monsters, is so single-minded in her determination. She’s the kind of girl who goes after what she wants…even if what she wants might not be the right man for her. (How many women have fallen in love with the wrong man? And sometimes it takes a while for them to finally admit it. It’s usually a growing-up process.) But at first, Kalaka doesn’t know he’s not the right man for her, and her journey to discover the truth changes her in ways all for the better. The perfect soulmate for her fortunately comes along, and yet her loyalty to the man who’s just not quite right for her, makes her hold on to that love, even while it’s fading. But when she’s confronted with truths about herself, she gives them thought. She reaches inside herself to see what is good and what is bad. And she changes her mind, sets a new course, and stays loyal to it.

Some may see her as stubborn, and loyalty can often be stubborn. But she’s willing to change when confronted with the truth, and I like that about Kalaka. She can admit she’s wrong. She can change the direction of her life. Her determination is admirable to me, but her willingness to evolve is what makes her one of my favorite heroines. I have to admire such courage and bravery. And if I was young and single, I would surely want her to be a matchmaker to find my perfect soulmate. I’d like to be her friend or her sister, because I know it would take a lot for her to turn her back on me, because she’s so very loyal and determined. Her courage would slay any enemies, take on any challenges.

My characters are rarely modeled after anyone I know, although I may borrow some of my character’s traits from people I know. But they are always people I would want to know.


Shaman's Seduction by Kathryne Kennedy cover

Shaman’s Seduction

[Fantasy Romance]


The tribes are facing the fiercest battle in their history, and the last thing the chieftain’s daughter wants to do is recruit warriors from a village rumored to be cursed with cowardice. But when she meets the muscular blacksmith, Otuku, all of her preconceptions are shattered. Can Inaluk’s love for this man allow her to embrace her shaman powers and save her people?

Shaman Za’lla has a vision that compels her to make a dangerous journey to find a sister she can’t even remember. When the chieftain’s son helps her, she realizes the man she’s only admired from afar is enamored with her. As she faces the memories of a traumatic childhood, will the wall of ice
around her heart melt so she can accept his love?

Young Shaman Kalaka has been obsessed with gaining the affection of the artistic and handsome Alloc. Then a stranger comes to her village, and she must rely on this mysterious man, Manuk, to help save Alloc from certain death. After she travels to the spirit world and understands the truth about these two men, Kalaka must decide which one to choose before she loses her perfect soul mate forever.

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