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September 2018: Favorite Heroine
~ Ginny Lynn ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which heroine is your favorite and why?

Ginny Lynn said:
Renata Barkley is a woman set upon rebuilding her life after losing her job plus everything funded by it. She tries to be self sufficient and questions things that don””t make sense to her, like her gift of psychic visions that sent her to a mental institute at an imposing age. Growing up getting visions from thousands of things she touched, meant that no store, person, or dog was safe from her inner mind. Imagine if she””d gone to a sex shop and seen everything that people touched in the swing aisle? That’s worth a dead faint.

Her grandmother was the only person that believed in her, through the craziness that ensued after her gift was discovered. When that precious person died, and so did her gran’s new spouse, Renata was shown a new possibility to her current penniless state. The grandfather in law she never met had left her his entire southern estate plus all the money in his large account.

Between the reportedly haunted house, the gift that she claims as a curse, and the sexy enigma that has been managing the property since before the former owner passed away, where does she turn? Who is Kendrick and how did a stranger worm his way into the hearts of the older southern couple? And who the hell was the young female she was getting visions of in the victorian style house? What terrible stories lie in the crevices of the house?

Renata is brave enough to want answers, but can she stomach the truth of them all?


Love's Darkest House by Ginny Lynn cover

Love’s Darkest House

[Gothic Paranormal Fiction]

Jobless and out of options, an unexpected inheritance seems like the answer to a prayer for Renata Barkely. When she meets the seductive and enigmatic caretaker, Kenrick Giles, and discovers the Southern estate is haunted, she realizes her good fortune might be worse than being broke.

Caught between her increasingly erotic dreams of Kenrick and a vengeful ghost-witch who wants her for her own dark purposes, Renata must face her feelings before all is lost.

When ecstasy battles revenge, will passion be enough to win in this fight for power?

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